When We Walk

We walk regularly on Sundays, Wednesdays and in the Summer on Thursday evenings. Once or twice a month we also have a very short walk on Saturday mornings tailored more towards members who are returning from injury or are no longer able to undertake a full day out. There are often two walks on Sundays and Wednesdays one being up to 10 miles and the other a longer or more strenuous one usually 8 to 12 miles long, and sometimes more. Starting times are normally 10.00am or 10.30am and walks usually finish mid to late afternoon, although the occasional very long summer walks may extend into the early evening. As a general rule the duration of longer walks averages out at an hour for each two miles including time taken for meal and coffee breaks. Thursday evening walks start at 7pm, finish around 9pm and average 4 miles. Often followed by a pub visit. Details of all walks are published on the website and in a Walks newsletter distributed three times a year.

Where We Walk

Most our walks start within a 20 mile radius of Plymouth. All types of local terrain are walked moorland, coast paths, riverside, woodland, country lanes  and farmland.

Walk Grading

The walks are graded, leisurely, easy, moderate, or strenuous. Grading is as much dependant on terrain as distance. A 10 mile walk involving several steep climbs and rocky ground with tussocks may be graded as strenuous whereas a longer 12 mile walk, on flatter, more even terrain might be graded as moderate.

Walk Start Points

Start points for the walks are given by named location and by grid reference. If going directly to the start point it is advisable to check the grid reference to more accurately locate the start. For those not used to looking up grid references there are "how to" instructions on the flaps of OS maps. There is also a pdf file on the OS website on how to use grid references: click here

We also run car share on most of our walks.

Walks Etiquette There are a few minor points to bear in mind:

Walk Leaders

Walks are devised and led by members of the group. All walkers are encouraged to suggest and lead walks. We offer guidance and support for anyone who is interested in leading a walk. See here for more information about leading walks


We do allow dogs on most walks  provided that they are well behaved and controlled by their owner. It is important that dogs are promptly put on a lead when approaching livestock, approaching roads or at the request of the leader. Occasionally there is a "no dogs" request on a walk. This will be noted under the walk description in the walks programme. It is a courtesy to check with the leader before bringing a dog along.


All persons joining walks do so at their own risk.

About Our Walks


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Bodmin Moor

Bodmin moor